Like all other trades locksmithing also requires essential tools for the fulfillment and completion of work. It is very important that every locksmith have a wide range of tools so that he can perform his job successfully and efficiently. Tools used by locksmith might be quite perplexing especially for beginners. So let’s have look at few common and essential tools used by locksmithLocksmith tools

  • Tension wrench– tension wrench is among the very basic picking tools used by locksmiths. It functions on applying pressure inside the lock in order to release it. As the fore is applied by tension wrench on the cylinder, the locksmith utilizes pick lock so that he can pull up pins until they are flush with shear line.
  • Key Turner– key turner is tool which helps you when you lock yourself out! This locksmith tool quickly rotates the key that that is there on the other side of the lock. Generally this tools functions on second or third lever locks.
  • Pick Guns– This locksmith tools is very popular and helpful tool in opening locks. Pick guns are available under 2 categories, first is manual and the second is electric. Their function is very much similar to key turner, they also move upward and thus force the lock pins to jumps and open the lock. One of the very interesting facts about pick gun is that it is not only used by locksmith but it is also a tool for few burglars.
  • Power Drill– This locksmith tool is among the most essential ad transportable locksmith power tool. This drill tool comes in various materials, sizes, brands and weights. It is used to drill holes so that the lock can be fitted. This drill not drill holes in the doors but also drills holes in the walls.
  • Key machine– Another essential tools used by locksmith is key machine. These are used to cut generally all types of keys, for an instance cabinet lock keys, padlock keys. Duplication of the keys is copying or making replicas of the keys whereas the key machine forms a working key y using code numbers. A cutting machine involved in it is of three types’ manual, automatic and semi automatic.
  • There are some engraving accessories like latch opening cards, cutting burrs, key rings, key tag and much more.