img_6290Since human started giving value and importance to materialistic things, the need to keep them secure increased. And for the safety of these materialistic things locks and keys came into limelight and were invented. The profession derived from the art of lock and keys was termed as locksmithing. Locksmithing can also be termed as one of the earlier forms of engineering of security instruments and devices.

The word locksmithing is derived from blacksmithing. A blacksmith is a person who works with metals and steals. In Middle Ages blacksmith were involved in making war items for their king and kingdom. Eventually as the time passed the some of the blacksmith started to specialize in locks and keys. It was during this period when locksmith came up as a profession. In era of 1990’s the revolution in configuration of locks was brought due to increase in crime and thefts. Therefore a new lock was introduced. This was the first of its kind reversible lock. With the invention and introduction of this lock, lock picking was reduced to great extent for a certain time period. Locksmith Knoxville TN was one of the first companies who started manufacturing locks.

In era of 1940’s locksmith became a very priceless necessity. There was no further invention in configuration of locks because most of the locksmiths were involved in war, that became there primary goal. Most of them were drafted into service during this time few were still in this profession. Those who continued this profession passed on the knowledge to other family members. Since most of the people were involved in war and very few were in locksmithing there was no further types of locks invented.

In today’s time locksmiths as a profession is taken up at the most people and there locksmithing is being taught in many school and colleges. The skill set required to be a professional locksmith varies and depends greatly on the environment you are living in. Nowadays there are not only study centers which teaches locksmithing as course but also there are very exams and certifications which one need to pass for being a professional locksmith. So in the present era the locksmithing as a profession have been given great importance and value and is very much recognized!