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  1. 5 Reasons for Using a Certified Locksmith Service

    Some or other day, everyone will need a help of locksmith to solve or rescue them from their problem. You might need a locksmith just because you forget your keys inside the house or car or you locked yourself out or you want to gets the locks of your house changed or repair. Locks are meant to keep you, your family and your precious items secure. So don’t you think it is very important that you…Read More

  2. A Modern Locksmith Defined

    In layman’s language a locksmith is a person who deals with locks and repairs them. But in the present time the word locksmith has much deeper and wider meaning. In earlier times locksmith use to work hard for long continuous hours and even had to do every small things manually (like cutting of screws and etc.). But if we consider today’s time then a person who has the ability and skill set to…Read More

  3. History of locksmith business (Brief)

    Since human started giving value and importance to materialistic things, the need to keep them secure increased. And for the safety of these materialistic things locks and keys came into limelight and were invented. The profession derived from the art of lock and keys was termed as locksmithing. Locksmithing can also be termed as one of the earlier forms of engineering of security instruments and …Read More

  4. Sliding Glass Door lock Repair Tips

    The most attractive part of sliding doors is their smooth slide. If your sliding door doesn’t slide and is just a kind of show piece then it is mere waste. If your sliding door bumps or jumps along the tracks when you open or close it then you can easily fix this issue with help of few easy tools. The phenomena or the mechanism of the door that helps in sliding is very simple and to restoring th…Read More

  5. Locksmith Essential Tools of the Trade

    Like all other trades locksmithing also requires essential tools for the fulfillment and completion of work. It is very important that every locksmith have a wide range of tools so that he can perform his job successfully and efficiently. Tools used by locksmith might be quite perplexing especially for beginners. So let’s have look at few common and essential tools used by locksmith Tension wren…Read More

  6. Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Emergency Locksmith Entirely

    A trouble can arrive at any point and at any time. Just imagine that if you get stuck in a house or car, how much frightening that situation will be? Might be you call up your family or friends to get you out from this situation but what if they are unavailable or helpless? The next best option available with you will be calling up a locksmith. However, you reach up unknown local 24 hour locksmith…Read More

  7. Locksmith Varies – Do You Need Auto Locksmiths, Safe Specialist Or Commercial Lock Guy?

    Did you just lost the keys of your apartment or car??? Or you forgot where you key kept your keys and you are unable to recall it? Or your wallet got stolen and you are very much perturbed that you need to get the locks changed. Just stop getting tensed about it! To get yourself rescue from such a situation you can seek a help from an expert locksmith. Auto locksmith What will happen if by chance …Read More

  8. Locksmith services in Rockville, MD

    Locksmith services in Rockville where there are different providers to choose from. Find out how easily we can provide you services in the areas of Maryland. There are plenty of services you can choose from thus making it easier to access our services such as: High security Residential locks Automotive Lockout help Commercial Security locks. We have provided  our contact number in any area of Mar…Read More

  9. 24/7 Automotive Locksmiths in Maryland & Washington D.C.

    Who of us hasn't been locked out of our cars? If I had a penny for every time I had to call the emergency locksmith, I'd have money for a whole new one. Have you ever been locked out of your car? Have you ever noticed a need of professional locksmith when you missed out your keys? Nowadays services such as locksmith requirements for automotive, residential or commercial security are really getting…Read More

  10. Locksmith near me for car, house or any other purpose. What is he capable of?

    At the start of time where the requirements of locks and safes took place, black smiths (that’s what people call them at that time) were the answers to these kinds of problems. These workers soon became the first locksmiths. Well trained in opening safes and pick locks, possessing necessary skills made those technicians the perfect security specialists. Being able to defeat any lock, they could…Read More

Locked out of your home or apartment? We know how frustrating that type of situation can be. We get it; it happens to all of us at one point or another.

Direct Locksmith services is committed to providing the highest quality of security services to all types of businesses in the Maryland and D.C Metro area.

Direct Locksmith Services offers the best car keys services in the Maryland and Washington DC area. This also includes locked keys in car solutions...

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Very happy with your services

Thanks, Sam, for the suggestions about the locks! Very happy with your services. Good luck with your new business. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends.…Read More


I definitely would recommend this company

I normally don’t do reviews but I wanted to share my thoughts on this company. Just bought a new home in DC and needed to change the locks. I found direct locksmith online and it was conve…Read More


The price was great and service was quick and professional

I locked myself out of the house the other day while leaving to take the kids to school. Neighbor ended up taking the kids for me and she recommended Direct Locksmith. I told him I was going…Read More



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